10 NOVEMBER 2013, VOL. 4, NO. 2


10 NOVEMBER 2013, VOL. 4, NO. 2, PAGES 75-80.

About the Cover: Surgical repair is the only method of treatment for patients with cleft lip or/and palate. The cleft lip surgery is usually done when the child is 3 to 6 months old, while cleft palate repair is done between 2 and 3 years old in order to allow the palate to change as the child grows. Here we reported our experience of simultaneous surgeries for both cleft lip and cleft palate with satisfactory results in 48 patients who have not done cleft lip repair at early age. It reduced the treatment time, the patients’ pain, as well as the financial burden of the patients’ family by one operation. (See page 79).

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Science Insights 2013; 4(2): page i.



Worldwide break news are selected.

Ancient Bees Disappeared with the Dinosaurs (Durham, USA)

Ancient Magician’s Curse Tablet (Cologne, GERMANY)

Hospital Attack in China (Beijing, CHINA)

Can Animals Born In Space Live a Normal Life on Earth? (Providence, USA)

Scorpion-Eating Mice Feel No Sting (East Lansing, USA)

Genetic Mutation in Obesity (Cambridge, UK)

Science Insights 2013; 4(2): 75-76.

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Recent representative literatures are highlighted.

MEDICINE: Oxytocin in Placebo Analgesia

MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS: Compressed Modes for Variational Problems

IMMUNITY: Influenza A Expedites Staphylococcus aureus Pneumonia

Science Insights 2013; 4(2): 77.

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Sabbath (1927/1928)

By Jankel Adler (Germany)

Science Insights 2013; 4(2): 78.

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Combined Repair Surgery for Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate: A 4-Year Clinical Experience

By Xu Wang

Science Insights 2013; 4(2): 79-80.

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