06 June 2014, VOL. 8, NO. 2, PAGES 199-213.


06 June 2014, VOL. 8, NO. 2, PAGES 199-213.

About the Cover: The impact of the changing climate on the surrounding environments is unequal: some benefit from it, but some suffer from it. Agriculture is the very example for this. In the field of agriculture, weeds and pests are the winners of the increasing carbon dioxide, whereas the food crops failed in this competition. (See page 205).

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Science Insights 2014; 8(2): page i.



Worldwide break news are selected.

2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Miami, USA)

Strange Rocks Found in Earth's Crustal Graveyard (Aubière, FRANCE)

Birth Defect in Some Rural Washington State Babies Stumps Scientists (Olympia, USA)

The Drunkest Countries in the World (Geneva, SWITZERLAND)

A Future of Thirst: Water Crisis Lies on the Horizon (Paris, FRANCE)

Researchers Think Water Helped Ancient Egyptians Build the Pyramids (Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS)

China may build an undersea train to America (Beijing, CHINA)

Clean Up Space Junk or Risk Real-Life “Gravity” Disaster (Washington DC, USA)

Do Gravitational Waves Cause Tiny Earthquakes? (Boston, USA)

Electrical Stimulation of Brain Alters Dreams (Paris, FRANCE)

Science Insights 2014; 8(2): 199-204.

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Pests versus Crops in the Context of Climate Change

By Fuzhou Wang (USA)

Science Insights 2014; 8(2): 205-207.

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Recent representative literatures are highlighted.

EVOLUTION: Study: Kiwi and Elephant Bird Belong to Same Lineage

BIOLOGY: Why Spider Fangs Are Nature’s Perfect Needles

Science Insights 2014; 8(2): 208.

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Exomoons May Harbour Life Too

By NASA (2014) (USA)

Science Insights 2014; 8(2): 209.

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Mysteries of Our Planet

Are the Theories of Our Solar System’s Evolution Correct?

Science Insights 2014; 8(2): 210-213.

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