08 August 2014, VOL. 9, NO. 2, PAGES 228-243.


08 August 2014, VOL. 9, NO. 2, PAGES 228-243.

About the Cover: When the first plastic bag was used in the supermarket decades ago, people appraised it as a record-broken invention. We must say yes that plastic products truly help us much in each field, but are the benefits of the plastic really overweigh the harmful effect on our daily life and health?  (See page 237).

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Science Insights 2014; 9(2): page i.



Worldwide break news are selected.

520-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster (Yunnan, CHINA)

Should Humanity Try to Contact Intelligent Aliens? (Mountain View, USA)

Pristine Fossil Confirms Archaeopteryx as Original Bird (Munich, GERMANY)

Computer Simulation of Dark Matter Using an Empirical Function (Paris, FRANCE) (Columbus and Urbana, USA)

Skeletons Found In El Salvador Shed Light on Pre-Hispanic Life (San Salvador, EL SALVADOR)

New Understanding of the Moon (Washington DC, USA)

The Sixth Taste of the Human Tongue (Auckland, NEW ZEALAND)

How Extinct Undersea Volcanoes Trigger Rare “Tsunami Earthquakes” (London, UK)

Tiny Elephant Shrew Is Smallest of Its Kind (San Francisco, USA)

Scientists Find a Diamond the Size of Earth (Milwaukee, USA)

Science Insights 2014; 9(2): 228-234.

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Recent representative literatures are highlighted.

ARCHEOLOGY: Ancient Human Had Neanderthal-Like Ear: New Questions Raised about Human Evolution

ENDOCRIOLOGY: Scientists Restore Normal Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetic Mice

Science Insights 2014; 9(2): 235-236.

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From Science to Science: Lessons Learned from the Disappearing Plastic Gyres

By Haibo Wu, Wei Wang and Shiqin Xu (CHINA)

Science Insights 2014; 9(2): 237-238.

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Bird with Largest Wingspan

By Bruce Museum (2014) (FRANCE)

Science Insights 2014; 9(2): 239.

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Are These Laws That Really Could Be Ignored Now by Christians?

Science Insights 2014; 9(2): 240-241.

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Pancreatic Cancers Could Be Prevented by Lifestyle Changes

Science Insights 2014; 9(2): 242-243.

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