2014 Yearly Paper

The Bonoi Academy of Science and Education (BASE) disclosed the "2014 Yearly Paper" that published in the journal of Science Insights in 2014. According to the journal's policy, all types of publications in the journal can apply for being nominated for the award. The authors of the awarded paper will receive $1,000 (USA) as credit, which can be used in future publication, travelling exploration organized by the BASE, subscription, and membership fee payment etc.

The "2014 Yearly Paper" was awarded to Dr. Dong Wang who published his review paper entitled "Granulocyte therapy for cancer: A prospective review" in Science Insights 2014, 7(1):139-143.

Dr. Dong Wang, Ph.D.

A research fellow at Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, National University of Singapore. His research interests include theranostic nanomedicine, nanomaterial platform for the capture and release of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from blood, and nanotechnology translational applications in orthopaedic surgery.