21 April 2015, VOL. 12, NO. 1, PAGES 358-392.

21 April 2015, VOL. 12, NO. 1, PAGES 358-392.

About the Cover: Christianity is booming in China, propelling it toward becoming the world's largest Christian nation. But as religion grows, it spurs a government crackdown. (See page 376).

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Science Insights 2015; 11(3): page 1.



Worldwide breaking news in science is selected.

Breast Cancer Research Uncovers the Fountain of Youth (Southampton, UK)

New Approach against Virus HIV (Cardiff, UK)

Overconnected Sensorimotor Regions of the Brain in Children with Autism (San Diego, USA)

Using Forks and Knives Has Changed the Human Face (Ann Arbor, USA)

Human DNA features genes from plants, microorganisms (Cambridge, UK)

What is Going on at the Inner-Inner Core of Earth's Center (Chicago, USA)

50-Foot-Long 'Dragon' Dinosaur Species Discovered in China (Edmonton, CANADA)

Oldest Snake Fossils Show They Thrived In the Age of Dinosaurs (Edmonton, CANADA)

Science Insights 2015; 12(1): 358-366.

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Recent representative literatures are highlighted.

BIOLOGY, CANADA: Organisms Can Keep Gene Expression in Check

CELL BIOLOGY, SPAIN: The Link between Genome Packaging and Cell Pluripotency

MEDICINE, USA: The Mysteries of Wound Healing

NEUROSCIENCE, FINLAND: Classical Music Modulates Genes That are Responsible for Brain Functions

PLANT, SWITZERLAND: Antibiotics Have Unexpected Effects on Mitochondria

MEDICINE, USA: Common Herpes Medication Reduces HIV-1 Levels

MATERIAL, CHINA: Shape Shifting Liquid Metal Able To Propel Itself through Liquids

MEDICINE, USA: Drug Restores Brain Function and Memory in Early Alzheimer's Disease

MATERIAL, CHINA: Graphene: A New Tool for Fighting Cavities and Gum Disease?

CLIMATE, CHINA, USA, UK: Asian Monsoon Rains Played a Key Role in the Evolution of Mammals

Science Insights 2015; 12(1): 367-375.

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In China, a Church-State Showdown of Biblical Proportions

Science Insights 2015; 12(1): 376-380.

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What the World Looks Like If You Scale Countries by Population

Science Insights 201512(1): 381-383.

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What Will Happen When Two Proton Beams Collide at Nearly the Speed of Light?

By Kelly Dickerson (2015, USA)

Science Insights 201512(1): 381-383.

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The Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change In One Infographic

Science Insights 2015; 12(1): 381-383.

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Epigenetic Modification of Nociceptive Mediators: Implications for the Etiology of Neural Hypersensitivity (Part I)

By Mary K. Pathak, Liming Lei, Nan Wang, Maria L. Bolick, Wei Wang, Shan-Wu Feng, Aili Sunny, Xian Wang, Xiaofeng Shen, Shiqin Xu, Fuzhou Wang (USA)

Science Insights 2015; 12(1): 384-390.

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Eight Foods That Help Improve Your Memory

By Lisa Freedman (USA)

Science Insights 2015; 12(1): 391-392.

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