This is to cordially welcome Dr. Özgül Keleş to the editorial board of Science Insights Education Frontiers (SIEF). Dr. Keleş is an education professor at Aksaray University who specializes in science education. Dr. Keleş served as Dean of Aksaray University's Faculty of Education. Insights Publisher welcomes Dr. Keleş to join the journal of SIEF and contribute to the journal to make it a real hub for the advancement of education.


  • Topic: Education Strategy (Technique)
  • Proposed Issue: Volume 15, No. 2, April 2023
  • Range: Any topics related to education strategy (Technique) both in theory and practice
  • Submission: Mark the submission with “Education Strategy (Technique)” Thematic Issue at the top of the title page
  • Limitations: No
  • Guest Editor: Xiaoqiao Cheng, PhD, Nanjing Normal University

Education consists primarily of students efficiently studying under the supervision of teachers. Based on the assumption that the content of education is predetermined, the strategy of education and teaching has a significant impact on the outcome of education. With the growth of information technology, education and teaching techniques are continuously updated, creating a freely blossoming situation. In an effort to promote the reform of education and teaching methods, SIEF intends to host a thematic issue centered on this topic. The thematic issue can focus on the teaching strategies of teachers, the learning methods of students, and any educational strategies. It is possible to do the research both theoretically and practically.


Science Insights Education Frontiers (SIEF) is an academic journal that focuses on research and development in the fields of education and teaching. SIEF covers all sub-disciplines of pedagogy. SIEF is growing all the time, so the current publication frequency (bimonthly) and volume (5–6 articles per issue; 120 pages printed) do not meet the real needs of the world. After careful consideration by the Bonoi Journal Department (BJD), the publication frequency of SIEF will be changed from bimonthly to monthly and will start in January 2023. SIEF is still very strict about the quality of the articles, even though the journal is now published once a month, and the number of articles will double from the year before. SIEF has a 5-year overall submission acceptance rate of 30%, with a 2022 acceptance rate of 28%. SIEF will provide new and improved services to our authors.

  SIEF Team

In our most loving memory of Professor Robert E. Slavin who passed on April 25th, 2021.Professor Slavin was the director of the Center for Research and Reform in Education in the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. 

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