Published Jul 31, 2021

Lan Ye  


Educational activities cannot avoid the issue of value. The research on “new basic education” also discusses contemporary Chinese social development and educational values reform. This article proposes to rebuild classroom teaching values. This value’s core concept is: the current value of classroom teaching in China’s primary education needs to be transformed from a single transmission of ready-made knowledge presented in textbooks to a generation that can actively and healthy development in contemporary society. Its primary contents are: expand the rich educational value of subjects; reorganize the teaching content according to the realization of the educational value; comprehensively design flexible teaching content.



Classroom Teaching, Teaching Values, New Basic Education, Active and Healthy Development

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Ye, L. (2021). Rebuild Classroom Teaching Values. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 8(2), 1131–1141. https://doi.org/10.15354/bece.21.cr02
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