Published Sep 13, 2021

Sunjun Zhang  


Help-Education is more suitable for student life, which emphasizing education as a kind of assistance that is born with love and aims for development. The irreplaceable help-education that generate from the parents will affect the students throughout their entire life. As parents, it is significant to insist on learning and reflection to help children to arouse their inner motivation in learning. As schools, when continuing the help-education, the moral mutual help, help-education Class, systematism management, and campus activity are the important components. Students and teachers help and learn from each other so that students can find their own interests through a variety of activities, which can better open up their minds, do things creatively, stimulate their inherent potential, but also make students have more confidence in themselves. Being oneself, which means helping students become class masters and build a cozy room with the teachers. Also, let the students participate in improving the five aspects of life, including reading, flowering, travelling, exercising, and sleeping, so as to promote their all-round development, and then pass the transition from ego to superego.


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Student Life, Help-Education, Family Education, School Education, Be Yourself

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